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ICON Switzerland – an update afternoon with HCL Digital Solutions – April 21, 2020

We had to redesign our event this year, and we will surely miss being at the University of Zurich, but nevertheless, we are happy to host a virtual afternoon with updates from HCL.

The meeting room will be open and moderated throughout the afternoon. The sessions are shorter than at regular events but we will have time for Q+A.

HCL Domino Volt  – Let’s talk about the new kid in townMarty Lechleider
Domino Licensing OverviewUffe Sorensen
HCL Sametime 11.5 Meetings PreviewGinni Saini
HCL DS KeynoteRichard Jefts
HCL Domino RoadmapAndrew Manby
HCL ConnectionsDanielle Baptiste
Feedback round / closingICONThank you for attending our first virtual event!
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